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Stucco Process

We begin by setting up state approved OSHA scaffolding. Homeowners have the confidence that safety is our number one priority; all of our craftsmen are OSHA trained and certified. Once the scaffolding is in place we begin the process of prepping your home exterior for an amazing transformation.

Our experienced team begins the Two-Coat System of applying your new stucco exterior. We wrap your home in a two-ply weather barrier, utilizing a “J” metal system and hammer tacker/staples, assured of meeting and often exceeding all building codes, along the way. Once the weather resistant membrane is in place, we take the extra time to assure that each window and dissimilar surface is sealed with rubber membranes and caulked to create a weather barrier, ensuring a tight seal at intersections where there is an irregular surface to be treated. Wiring is then applied to the entire exterior of the home, and set in place.

Once your house is wrapped, wired and caulked, the process of applying the first of two coats begins. What is referred to as the Brown Coat is hand applied by a team of craftsmen working together with Hock and Trowel technique, to assure a smooth application. The Brown Coat is “floated” which assists in the curing process. Peak Stucco & Stone has a unique process for handling corners and windows. We utilized a galvanized corner bead that creates a straighter, truer line that holds the stucco in place and provides a beautiful finished look.

The first of the Two-Coat System requires 7-10 days of curing, allowing for the coat to adjust to the new weight of the wall. Through the entire process, the homeowner can live in their home. There is no need to vacate the premises, as the craftsmen are polite, clean and courteous.

After the curing process has occurred, it is time to add the Color Coat, pre-selected color and texture for your new stucco exterior. With a wide range of texture and color, we encourage our clients to come to our showroom for samples of the variety of textures and colors available. Utilizing the color and texture the homeowner has selected, we hand apply the second of the Two-Coat System. This durable, maintenance-free coat is comprised of sand, color and an important polymer. Not only is the color coat vibrant and zero maintenance, it is the final step in the process and your home exterior is now complete.

Our skilled craftsmen take great care in returning the exterior items that have been removed in the prepping process. When all is said and done, your home looks brand new and you won’t believe the transformation.

If you are considering a maintenance free option and would like to learn more about this excellent alternative to siding and painting, call Peak Stucco & Stone today…we are happy to answer your questions and provide competitive pricing for an amazing transformation of your home.
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