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Stucco Qualities

Stucco systems are durable and long lasting, providing flexibility in design and customizable to be applied over any existing or dissimilar surfaces. Stucco systems grow stronger with age and are resistant to rot, fungus and pests, providing years of maintenance-free beauty. Man–made from cement and rock products, stucco is incredibly strong.

Fire Resistant, Rated and Tested
Stucco provides your home or business with over one-hour fire resistance. The fire resistive properties of stucco are a major reason for its popularity as an exterior cladding system in construction. Fire resistant exterior walls are extremely important not only for commercial building, but provide an added peace of mind for residential construction, as well.

After standardized testing, stucco was found to be classified as non-combustible material, and stucco clad assemblies can achieve a fire-rating of 1-4 hours. The surface burning characteristics have a flame spread of zero and smoke development of zero. Stucco applied over brick or concrete contributes to the fire resistance of the wall assembly.

Weather Resistance
The finish coating of our system does not allow water to penetrate into the system. At Peak Stucco and Stone, we cover all wood sheeting with a two-ply waterproof paper for unmistakable water barrier. Stucco is water resistant.

A stucco assembly (water resistant barrier, lathe and cement plaster) is classified as a concealed weather barrier system, which accommodates moisture intrusion that may occur at wall penetrations (windows, vents, etc). The water resistant barrier between the cement plaster and the substrate directs the moisture to drain down and out at a “weepage” point. An important physical property of a stucco assembly is the breathability, allowing moisture vapor between the water resistant barrier and cement plaster to escape through to the outside. In the design and application of a stucco system, it is important to focus on keeping water out. There is always the possibility that moisture may enter, therefore, it is reassuring to know that a stucco assembly allows moisture to drain out.

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